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Is this directory just for commerical products?

The EHO Lite Beginning Homeschool Resource Directory is a place for anyone with resources available that could benefit the homeschool community. This is the only location where we allow commerical listings. If you have anything for sale on your website, you must list in the Resource Directory.

Non-commercial listings are a little trickier. We have two places where non-commercial listings can be placed: this Resource Directory and the Eclectic Weblinks Index. The Resource Directory is for tangible resources, something that can be purchased or downloaded. That would include math worksheets, computer software, or any other free resources that are not informational in nature. The Eclectic Weblinks Index is for content oriented educational websites that deal for the most part in information. A website that explains the process of metamorphis for example or gives links to other websites. If the primary focus of your website is educational information and you offer a few resources, such as color pages, on the side, then list in the Eclectic Weblinks Index. If the primary focus of your website is to make available resources that people can take away from your site, and you have some purely educational information type pages, then list in the Resource Directory. If you can't decide which place is the best for your listing, contact

How long will it take for my listing to appear in the directory?

Each basic listing must be reviewed by our Directory staff. Please allow one week for this process to be completed. Once your basic listing has been reviewed it will be published to the directory.

Deluxe listings appear after we receive payment. Our listing form requests that you include the basic listing short description, so that we can run a basic listing for you until we receive your payment.

What format is required for any graphics contained in my listing?

Graphic Deluxe listing:

Banner Deluxe listing:

Can I place my basic listing in more than one category?

No, if you wish to place your listing in more than one category, you must purchase a deluxe listing. (See next question for additional information.)

Can I place multiple, basic listings if I represent more than one company, product or service?

The short answer is 'yes'. However, if you are a retailer who sells math, science and social studies resources, you may not place multiple basic listings in each of those categories. We consider a publisher to be an entity and a company to be an entity for creating basic listings. If you have two completely separate companies, for example a fund raising company and a software company, then you can create two listings. We offer a number of broad categories for those who market multiple lines of products, please use one of these categories. If you have any questions about creating multiple basic listings, contact

How do I upgrade my basic listing to a deluxe listing?

You do not need to create a new listing when you upgrade your basic listing to a deluxe listing. If you already have a basic listing in the directory, please contact with information concerning the type of deluxe listing your desire and the additional information or files needed to create the listing. See our listing form to determine the information you need to include in your email, but remember don't create an additional listing.

What if I wish to place my deluxe listing in more than three categories?

Deluxe listings are sold in groups of three. If you wish to place your listing in more than three categories, please purchase additonal listings. Each listing you create may be unique. For example if you wish to place listings in both the academic resources and software resources sections, you can create a listing that empahisizes software for your three software listings and other aspects of your products for your three academic listings.

What if I don't see a category that suits my company or product?

The directory displays only those categories which have actual listings. We have a number of categories available which are not yet displayed. You can see a complete list of available categories on our Directory Information Page. If you still do not find an appropriate category, please contact We have added a number of categories already in response to advertiser requests.

How do I pay for my listing?

Send a check with your contact information and a description of your listing including the type of listing (Deluxe, Graphic Deluxe or Banner Deluxe) to Eclectic Homeschool Online, 707 Vestal St. Woodbridge, VA 22191. Or, you may pay for your listing using PayPal at

How will I know when my Deluxe Listing will expire?

We will contact you prior to the expiration of your deluxe listing. We allow a two week grace period after your annual publication date for payment for an additional year of listing service. Your publication date is the date we actually publish your listing to the directory. If we published your listing on February 14, you would have until February 28 to make payment. Once the grace period has been reached, your listing will be downgraded to a basic listing.

How do you determine the publication date for renewal purposes?

Your publication date is the date we actually publish your listing to the directory.

Our company is no longer in business. How can I have my listings deleted?

Please email to delete any listings.

My company or product information has changed. How can I make updates to my listing?

Please contact to request a listing update. Please include the text of the listings and the directory category or categories where it is included.

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