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Special Homeschool Event Ideas

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By Beverly S. Krueger

Support group events can have one or more of the following emphases: children's accomplishments, fellowship or edification. Under children's accomplishments we've listed events that showcase what kids have, can and are doing. Fellowship events allow homeschoolers to get together and talk informally, share their lives, and get to know one another better. Events that edify or build up can meet specific needs or offer encouragement to face difficult situations. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your groups imagination and desire to make it happen.

Children's Accomplishments

Academic Bees-spelling, geography, history, science. You may choose to do your own informal bee, or follow the rules for holding your own bee as part of a national bee program.
Cultural Arts Fair - families select a country to study and explore preparing a display about their country. Displays can include artwork, reports, food to sample, building projects, native costumes, whatever proves most interesting to the family creating the display.
History Day - similar to the cultural arts far, but each family chooses a period in history.
Science Fair - books for planning a traditional science fair are available at bookstores.
Pet Day - Everyone brings a pet to share and tell about.
Book Day - Make your own book and bring it to Book Day to display.
Music Festival - performances by homeschooled students and the homeschool band.
Drama Nite - a performance by the homeschool drama team.
Camps - Science, art or other topic camps. These can be held once a month or for one week. The focus is hands on learning.
Quiz Bowl - hold a Quiz Bowl or Bible Bowl or create your own version of Jeopardy.


Potluck - simple and easy to do. You can easily add a potluck on to one of the other event ideas to add a time of fellowship.
Picnic - Quick and easy to plan with all the participants providing the food and the games. Hold the picnic in a park that provides both toddler playgrounds and a softball diamond and everyone should be happy.
Talent Show - Let everyone get into the act.
Progressive Dinner - a really fun way to visit one another's homes. Divide participants into groups of four to six couples. Three of the couples will be hosting their group for appetizers, salad, and the main dish in turn. The groups travel from home to home eating the various parts of their meal. Make your last stop one central location for dessert with all the groups.
Fishing Trip - plan an afternoon at a local fishing lake.
Camping Trip - make reservations at a local campground and plan activities like a night time bonfire.
Make Over Weekend - this is a great outing for homeschool Moms. Spend the night at a bed and breakfast with lots of mini seminars for a totally body make over. Participants can pamper themselves with facials and back rubs.
Overnighter - a jammie party for moms. An overnighter is a great way to have some planned activities with plenty of time for experience homeschoolers to share their war stories.
Sporting Event - reserve seats for your group at baseball, football, basketball or other sporting event.


Curriculum Share - Everyone brings something they use in their homeschooling that they want to share with others.
Guest Speaker Seminar - bring in a speaker to spend a day covering a special topic. This is a great way to meet specialized needs in your homeschooling community.
Weekend Topical Seminar - similar to the preceding, but may include more than one speaker.
Used Curriculum Sale - everyone wants to buy as much as they can at a discount. Used is one good way to do that.
Community Day - bring together all those organizations and members of your community that have something to offer homeschoolers. This could be local museums, explorer scouts, art instructors, or local universities or colleges. Each can have a display to share what their organization offers homeschoolers.

For more information about arranging your own special event read Planning Support Group Special Events.

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