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Visual Manna Art Lessons - Drawing Techniques

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By Sharon Jeffus

An Excerpt From Visual Manna's Project Newsletter: July-August 2002
As I began writing this newsletter, I can truly say that the Lord has been s wonderfully sufficient to meet all my needs. Upon losing my precious husband on March 28, I have found that God's word is so true. He is a husband to the widow and a father to the orphans. I hope to be an encouragement to others who are going through or who have been through similar circumstances.

The Cowboy

Below is a picture by Richard Jeffus from a picture by Fredric Remington. The original picture was called, "In From the Night Herd." This cowboy was the central figure of that picture. The picture first appeared in Harper's Weekly, October 9, 1886. Print a copy of the image below. It includes a lightly drawn outline picture of the cowboy. Using a fine point pen start filling in the outline. Using stippling (small dots); start with the darkest areas and work toward the light.

Download Larger Image

The African Zebra

The zebra is an animal that we always associate with Africa. A zebra is done in neutral colors. Black, white, and gray are neutral colors. A stripe is a pattern. A pattern is a repeated design. A zebra, to me, says that God is certainly an artist. Africa is very famous for dramatic sunsets. Draw this picture of a zebra and put him on the background of a dramatic sunset. Use hot colors for the sunset; red, orange, yellow. I suggest using chalk pastels for the sunset. Put a layer of light yellow chalk underneath your hot colors. Use your darker red for the top of the sky. Make your zebra using charcol pencil. Another great idea for learning positive/negative space is to first do a zebra on black paper using white chalk; then do your zebra on white paper using black markers

Download Larger Zebras Picture

Download Larger How to Draw a Zebra

Download Larger Zebra Pattern

Sharon Jeffus has a BSEE in art education from John Brown University and ten years experience teaching in the public schools. She has written various curriculum and programs, including one for the Cherokee Indians that was rated outstanding by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Sharon has written a complete art curriculum that reinforces the core curriculum subjects. She also is certified to teach English as a second language and has taught Intensive English at the University of Missouri at Rolla and written Teaching English Through Art. She is presently homeschooling her two sons, Jonathan and Joshua. For more information about the curriculum she has written and other art products write Visual Manna, PO Box 553, Salem, MO 65560. Visit the Visual Manna website.

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