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Homeschooling Scope & Sequence

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By EHO Staff

What should your child be learning? Are there milestones you should know about? Some say yes, some say no. There are a number of scope and sequences available to help you in determining what types of things children commonly do at a particular age. Those who put together their own curriculum or unschool will find this particularly useful.

Are Scope and Sequences Really Necessary?

Dealing with Doubts by Cafi Cohen

Online Free Scope & Sequences

Technology Scope & Sequence
Idaho Content Standards Idaho Dept. of Education
Scope & Sequence A Guide for Learning and Teaching in Art - Arts Ed Net
World Book Typical Course of Study
National Science Education Standards
Mathematically Correct Mathematics Standards of Learning
Virginia Standards - English, history, math, science, technology, foreign language, fine arts, health, physical education

Scope & Sequence Books

Teaching Children : A Curriculum Guide to What Children Need to Know at Each Level Through Sixth Grade Diane D. Lopez. An excellent educational approach which naturally integrates a Christian world view and Scriptural principles, Teaching Children draws on noted English educator Charlotte Mason and the Child-Light approach to learning. Child-Light puts children in touch with fine literature and teaches them through the use of "living books."
How to Teach Your Child: Things to Know from Kindergarten
Through Grade 6
Veltisezar B. Bautista
What Your Child Needs to Know When by Robin Scarlata What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know: Preparing Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning by E. D. Hirsch, John Holdren.
What Your First Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good First-Grade Education by E.D., Jr. Hirsch.
What Your Second Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Second-Grade Education by E.D., Jr. Hirsch.
What Your Third Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Third-Grade Education by E.D., Jr. Hirsch.
What Your Fourth Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Fourth-Grade Education by E.D., Jr. Hirsch.
What Your 5th Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of Good Fifth-Grade Education by E.D. Jr. Hirsch.
What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Sixth-Grade Education by E.D. Hirsch.

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