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Graduation Time

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By Beverly S. Krueger

Across the nation, seniors are graduating from high schools, colleges, and universities. Proud parents watch as their son or daughter crosses the platform to receive a hard-earned diploma and listen to the speeches of those select few that become valedictorian of their class. Each student has a unique story, some of glittering success others of struggle and even failure. Homeschoolers, too, participate in graduation ceremonies; although for many the transition from high school to college or the working world starts somewhere in what would traditionally be their junior or senior year. Ceremonies are important milestone markers of that transition celebrating past accomplishment and looking forward to future endeavors.

Each homeschooler has a special story of talents developed in circumstances unique to them. We’d like to look at a few of the homeschool graduates that we have read about recently. While their individual stories are unique, these homeschool stories are not unique in the sense that they tell the same story of an educational fire lit by parents who want their children to be all that God has planned for them to be. As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, God’s plans for his children are for a hope and a future.

Russell Moore
Russell is the first homeschooler from the state of Michigan to play for a NCAA Division I university basketball team. He’ll soon be wearing the uniform of the Liberty University Flames. This small town Michigan boy did it by playing in a small homeschool league. He didn’t play AAU basketball, and he didn’t do it by quitting homeschooling so he could play for the local high school. He did it while raising goats for 4-H and taking piano lessons for 9 years. Last year 118 homeschoolers were approved for eligibility in Division I and II by the NCAA.

Louis Castellano
Louis plans to study nursing, but he won’t be doing it at the local community college. No, he’ll be on his way to Madrid, Spain to study nursing. He wrote the piano composition, “Evelyn’s Song” which he performed at his Middle Georgia Christian Home School Association graduation ceremony. In his homeschool address, he said that homeschooling has, “...given me more time with my family, to share incredible experiences and share in their joys."

Kalli Harbin
Kalli is a homeschooler of many talents. She plays fiddle for the Ranch Dance Fiddle Band, a professional band that performs cowboy and ranch music across West Texas. She’s also a fiddle instructor and plays piano. She played basketball with the Lubbock, Texas homeschool team, the Comets and was named to the 2004 All-American team at the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championship.

These three are unique homeschoolers with similar stories of success because they had the freedom to follow their passions. Sports, music, biology, writing, acting, painting, math, history...there are homeschoolers now pursuing their passion for each of these topics and a thousand more. It’s all possible because their parents have made it possible by driving the extra 20 miles, getting up at the crack of dawn, knocking down barriers to homeschoolers, and providing the guidance and love that keeps kids going when the journey gets overwhelming or obstacles seem to materialize out of nowhere. These are great kids, and, yes, mom and dad deserve to be proud of all they have accomplished.

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