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Preparing to Homeschool: Extra Curricular Activities



Homeschool Athletic Program by Beverly S. Krueger
A reprise of our interview with a homeschool athletic director.

Homeschool Success Story by Charlie & Susan Eavenson
People were telling us that we were going to ruin our son's life if we didn't let him go to public high school to play baseball. We told them that if God wanted Clay to play college or professional baseball that He could certainly make a way."

A Helping Hand Advice Column Questions

Can my child participate in football or track at a local public school if I home school them?

Volunteer opportunities


Living History - My Son Joined the Army! by Robin McDonald
My 14-year-old son Michael recently joined the army.
Okay, not really. Sort of. Only in a sense. He joined the 11th Texas Cavalry and decided to fight in a Civil War battle reenactment at Liendo Plantation, an old plantation that has been renovated, located between Houston and Austin.
One of the things we recently discovered as a homeschool family is the fun of dressing up and reenacting events from history. This is a new hobby for us, but Michael, who still loves to play pretend, even as a teenager, catalyzed it. We're still learning the ropes, but it's great fun, and wonderful for hands-on learning, especially for those kinesthetic learners who have a difficult time with books.

Online Resources

54 Ways You Can Help the Homeless

Kid to Kid
Kid to Kid is designed to give children the opportunity to help other children that lack the things we take for granted every day--like food, clothing and shelter. Look around and see what other kids are doing.

Mission of Joy
Help provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical needs for orphans in India. Child sponsors are always needed.

Spirt of America
The latest project of Spirit of America is to help the Marines equip alternative TV in Iraq. The Spirit of America mission is to expand the abilities of Americans serving abroad to improve the quality of life of people at the grass roots level. Their objectives are to:
• Increase the reach, scale and impact of the informal humanitarian activities that take place on the front lines in troubled regions.
• Contribute charitable goods that can have a positive, practical and timely impact in the local communities where American personnel are involved.
• Improve foreign perceptions of the American people and our presence abroad.

Volunteer Match
Search for volunteer opportunities in your community. Enter your zip code and then select the distance you can travel, time period, whether you want an ongoing or one time opportunity, and a category. The service then searches for volunteer opportunities that meet your specifications.

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