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Mom's Family Calendar

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Publisher: Workman Publishing Co.
Author: Sandra Boynton

List Price: $11.95

Ages: Adult

Reviewed By: Peggy Flint

Who Does What and Goes Where When (But Not Why)
Available annually.

I have finally faced the fact that we are a busy family. My son has weekly meetings to prepare for a trip to Russia, my daughter has monthly meetings to prepare for her trip to Australia and my husband and I both work alternating schedules. This doesn't even include church activities and family events that don't happen on a regular basis. I am able to monitor who goes where by using differently colored pens to write appointments in my organizer, but when I've not been home the other members of my family haven?t known how to find out who goes where.

Sandra Boynton has come to the rescue of busy moms like me. Her calendar is the most practical one I?ve seen in a long time....and I have seen a lot of them. What makes her calendar so special? I'm so glad you asked. Imagine a chart with 7 columns and 31 rows (ok - so some months have only 28 or 30 rows). In the first column is the number (date) of the month. The second column tells the day of the week. Column number three has "MOM" at the top of it and columns 4-7 are blank so that you can customize the chart to fit your needs.

Now, you could write different family members' names in these last four columns, or you could write in different types of activities you participate in. For example, one column could be for church events, another column for homeschooling events, the third column for the dates bills are due, etc. In our case, my husband's work schedule goes in the 1st blank column, my son's meetings go in the next column, and my daughter's meetings follow. I put paydays and bill due dates in the final column. This way my family can tell (even if mom isn't there) who has meetings and when they have them.

I highly recommend this calendar for moms who have a busy family life. While the pictures aren't pretty or motivational, the chart format makes this calendar easy to use and both husbands and children should be able to understand it.
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Peggy Flint
Art and Peggy have been homeschooling their twins, Eric and Robin, since 1989. They started out teaching the kids, and now find themselves learning from their own children--and liking it.
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