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Prince Caspian: A Literature Highlights Unit

Prince Caspian: A Literature Highlights Unit

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Publisher: Highlights of Homeschooling

List Price: E-book: $3.50

Ages: 9-11 Years

Reviewed By: Kate O'Mara

Prince Caspian: A Literature Highlights Unit is a study guide for C.S. Lewis’ book Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia. The guide divides the book into 10 lessons. Each lesson covers one to four chapters. Homeschool Highlights intends this unit study for homeschoolers who wish to save money. They offer this unit study guide in a workbook format.

Seven sets of vocabulary words are available for vocabulary building exercises. The directions ask that the student select 5 words at a time. and, on a separate piece of paper, do the following for each word: find the dictionary page, the dictionary guide words (first and last word), the definition, and write a sentence using the word correctly.

The unit starts with pre-reading exercises to prepare the student for reading the book. As the student progresses through the book, each activity or exercise builds on the previous portions. Students will study the components of a story including character, location, and movement in the story. A variety of exercises guide children to demonstrate reading comprehension and to analyze the story requiring them to form opinions, determine key events, and make comparisons and predictions.

The study offers exercise in a variety of formats including fact finding, comprehension questions, multiple choice questions, and true/false questions. Who, what, where, when, and why questions ask specifically about the chapters, followed by an exercises requiring students to sequence events. A handwriting practice section asks questions to prompt thought and discussion.

Additional writing activities include journal writing requiring students to write a synopsis of what they have read, narrative writing asking students to write about an experience as if they were one of the characters, and a newspaper writing activity that creates a newspaper/poster. The newspaper includes the following sections that are created as the student works through the study: front page news, a travel section, advice column, interviews, health column, technology column, obituary, book review and more. Creative writing prompts include writing a letter, writing a short story, writing science fiction, writing fiction, and more.

A variety of projects add hands-on fun for the unit they include creating a collage, baking mouse cookies, creating a mosaic, map making and more.

The teacher’s guide section includes the answers for the multiple choice and true/false questions.

Prince Caspian: A Literature Highlights Unit is an excellent resource to use to study C.S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian providing ways for the student to learn through different activities. The activities encourage students to think, use their memories, write, tell stories, and analyze and evaluate what they read in the story. The questions in the latter portions of the unit study ask the student “what do you think” and offer space to develop alternate resolutions through a problem solving process.

New or experienced Homeschool parents will find this unit study friendly and helpful in directing productive work and lively discussion. Familiarity with the story is helpful. Parents should at least read ahead of the students to be able to answer questions and guide the student in a way that will prepare the children for the sometimes uncomfortable subjects that arise as the Narnia characters deal with life changing events.
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Available From: Highlights of Homeschooling
Phone: 210.219.4339
Other Notes: Download PDF format, 121 pages

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Kate O'Mara
Kate O'Mara writes about history and other fascinating tidbits from a place she lovingly calls "the dungeon." When Kate Blogs
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