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Multi-Matrix: The Brain Game

Multi-Matrix: The Brain Game

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Publisher: Desert Bay Productions
Author: Carl Hillier, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

List Price: Game and video course: $39.99

Ages: All Ages

Reviewed By: Jean Hall


Multi-Matrix: The Brain Game is a multi-faceted game for 1-4 players, ages 3 and up. Inside the game box you'll find two sets of sturdy plastic cubes, three symbols cards, and a small business card containing login information to the Multi-Matrix website, with training videos that give you an idea how to use the game pieces.

The game pieces are deceptively simple: 24 white cubes, 24 colored cubes (red, yellow, blue, green, orange) in a slightly larger size. Each cube has a number (between 1 and 24), a letter (A to X), a representation of a number in dots, and a symbol. The cubes are smooth, with rounded edges, and have a certain heft to them. (One of our daughters was disappointed that the symbols were printed on, not engraved or raised; she thought texture would have been a bonus. I found it interesting that, the whole time she was protesting how "boring" she found the games, she kept on setting up challenges for herself and working through them without any coaxing on my part.)

The list of skills involved in using the Multi-Matrix set is impressive: spatial awareness, pattern recognition, memory development, reading skills, motor control, vestibular system, eye movement control, binocularity, peripheral vision, visual discrimination, visual tracking, and eye-hand coordination. All this is accomplished with a series of exercises; you get an idea of the versatility in the program when you watch the training videos on the website.

I was reminded of the occupational therapy our eldest went through, while working on fine motor skills, memory training, eye-hand coordination, and learning focus (as part of her treatment for learning delays and ADD/ADHD). I also recognized elements of the brain gym exercises that our youngest learned from her violin teacher, to help with her concentration and coordination after the teacher determined that she was cross-dominant and needed to get both hemispheres of her brain working together.

The training videos show how to use the cubes in varying configurations, how to involve additional senses besides visual-motor, how to increase complexity and challenge, or simplify the game to achieve success. You won't find step-by-step, scripted instructions, but enough information is presented (including virtual practice sessions) to get you started, with explanations of how different types of games help differing brain function.

This game was created by a developmental optometrist for use in vision therapy. You can use Multi-Matrix at home, as well, to develop skills used in reading with a pre-reader or a struggling reader, to work on co-ordination, to improve focus and memory, and more. Don't be surprised if you, the parent, find yourself challenged as well!

More Information
Available From: Desert Bay Productions
Phone: 888.611.2036
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Jean Hall
Jean Hall, a Christian home educator with three daughters, enjoys writing stories and music. Her family's interests include reading together, art, gardening, volkswalking and pets: two cats and a Giant Schnauzer.
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