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My Book of Centuries

My Book of Centuries

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Publisher: Simply Charlotte Mason
Author: Christie Groff
Sonya Shafer

List Price: Spiral Bound Softcover: $27.95

Ages: All Ages

Reviewed By: Virginia Jones


Not long after we began applying Charlotte Mason's educational methods in our homsechool, I put together a Book of Centuries to the best of my ability. Mine was a little simpler than Simply Charlotte Mason's My Book of Centuries. For each century I had a grid with 100 squares and a blank page to draw people or artifacts notable in that century, the pages 3-hole punched and kept in a notebook. The idea was that as you studied history, whether chronological or not, you'd file away interesting facts on the pages of your book. It was my first introduction to the idea of keeping a timeline, and all of us (mom included) found it an invaluable tool for keeping people and events straight.

My Book of Centuries has the blank pages and the 100-square pages, and in addition, for each century you'll find a lined page for a short narrative summary of the century and a "Noteworthy" page where you can record prominent people, wars, fine arts, discoveries and inventions, religion and philosophy, and literature of the period. A brief introductory section offers suggestions for using the book. The book is divided into B.C. and A.D. The first century is labeled "Creation to 31st Century B.C." and the last "A.D. 2000-2100," meaning that you'll be able to add current events well into the future.

The 8-1/2" x 11" pages are of heavy white paper with a substantial feel, and the spiral binding is made to last. This book would make a wonderful family project as you study your way through history and a keepsake in years to come.

More Information
Available From: Simply Charlotte Mason
Address: PO Box 892, Grayson, GA 30017
Other Notes: Also available as e-book download for $14.95

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Virginia Jones
Virginia Jones hails from a small town in the Midwest, where "Nothing ever happens, thankfully!" Her family's interests include horseback riding, cross-country skiing, swimming, and, when they can manage to sit still, reading.
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