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Feed My Sheep paint cards

Feed My Sheep paint cards

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Publisher: How Great Thou Art Publications
Author: Barry Stebbing

List Price: Cardstock cards: $5.95

Ages: 12-14 Years

Reviewed By: Kate O'Mara


The 17 Feed My Sheep Paint Cards are included with the Feed My Sheep text (please see related review), but you may want to buy additional sets for more practice or for additional students. These paint cards were incredibly helpful for my daughter who loves this art series. The cards are on quality paper (heavy cardstock) and work for both markers and paint. She especially liked that the text and the cards complemented each other.

The art cards can be purchased as part of a package or in sets for students.

The cards include the following subjects:

Lesson 1 Color Wheel provides areas for a color wheel and mixing colors
Lesson 2 Complementary Colors help beginning painters see that yellow / purple are complements. The lesson includes flowers and farm pictures.
Lesson 3 Mixing Colors is a lesson that will be revisited with each new picture. Students learn and build on their experience.
Lesson 4 Warm & Cool Colors are grouped and pictures are provided to explore how these colors are found in nature.
Lesson 5 Impressionist artists are enjoyed.
Lesson 6 Painting Still Life with color on color
Lesson 7 Painting Landscapes
Lesson 8 Painting Monochromatic Paintings
Lesson 9 Analogous Colors
Lesson 10 Colorful Paintings from Nature
Lesson 11 Painting Fish
Lesson 12 Boots
Lesson 13 Warm & Cool Colors in Shapes
Lesson 14 Painting Flesh Tones
Lesson 15 Red & Green
Lesson 16 Light & Shade
Lesson 17 Pastels



More Information
Available From: How Great Thou Art
Address: PO Box 48, McFarlan, NC 28102
Phone: 1-800-982-DRAW (3729) / 1-704-851-3111
Other Notes: Seventeen cards. Age range: elementary through middle school.

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Kate O'Mara
Kate O'Mara writes about history and other fascinating tidbits from a place she lovingly calls "the dungeon." When Kate Blogs
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