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South Africa Homeschooling Resources

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  • St Aiden's Homeschooling in South Africa
    Kwa Zulu NatalHere I share ideas, lesson plans, themes, discuss the current situation of Education in our country, the attitude towards homeschooling, links to FREE downloadable arts, crafts, activity plans, activity workbooks, worksheets, thematic units, seasonal units, hundreds of different projects, languages, links, resources, hundreds of colouring and activity workbooks for our little ones, FREE educational software and games teaching our children the alphabet, numbers, reading, writing... All the downloads are completely free, and I have licensed them where necessary, in fact the whole site is free. I would just love some South African input and I'm sure if you paid a visit to you'd see that the site is updated daily with as much information as 24 hours will allow me to upload. I also have a focus on teenagers, family law and health. There are a lot of single parents out there that could do with the benefits of knowing the legalities of homeschooling, and I have placed them all there on the site. Do join our group. Let's become a family and share our resources. Remember there are a lot of people in our country that do not have access to or cannot find or purchase what we can offer them.... I would also welcome suggestions and ideas, and I'll get the creative half of my website Monique to develop those goodies... I would love to meet you and say welcome... Regards Donnette
  • Environmental Homeschooling
    Cape Province Contacts: -
    A group for liberal homeschooling parents that wish to educate their children with kindness using unschooling, eclectic, child centred and Waldorf type methods. The group moderator is based in South Africa but the group open to like minded people from any country. The main focus of this group is: 1] Educating others to respect the earth 2] Educating others to respect all creatures 2] Homeschooling 3] Frugal living 4] Homesteading 5] Recycling 6] A love of humanity And the incorporation of all of the above into a gentle homeschooling system that embraces the individual child and their needs. Members share ideas that educate each other so that we can live a noble and honest life and lead through example. We also focus on sharing worksheets, links and themes that educate can be used in our children's education
  • The Learning Community
    74 Beach Road
    East London , 
    Phone: (043) 735 2221
    Contacts: Sharon Caldwell-
    The Learning Community provides support and information for all alternative approaches to education in South Africa, including home based learning.

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