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Religious and Ethnic Homeschooling Groups

It is our goal to list as many homeschool support groups as possible. Inclusion in our support group listings does not mean we endorse any group, their practices or beliefs. We hope the listings will allow our readers to find that group which is just the right fit for them. To add a group to this listing, please send an email to Support Services with your organization's information.


  • African-American Christian Homeschool (AACH)
    RR 2 Box 1309, 201 Taylor Road # 58, Roland, OK 74954. Phone: 1-866-642-9546. Fax: 918-427-0263. Contact5: Erica Hawkins. Email Address Contact: Wanda Wilson, Phone: 479-522-9265, Email Address.
    AACH has been established to unite, strengthen, and encourage African-American Homeschoolers. AACH desires to bring unity to many Afr. Amn. homeschoolers in order to continue the proud heritage of the Black family by training in the word of God, education, history, and culture. AACH is open to all Christian homeschoolers regardless of race. Homeschooling families will have an opportunity to share their experiences, exchange teaching techniques, curriculum information, child rearing, and more. We are here to help, support, and encourage one another. Matthew 23:10 & Luke 6:40 (NAS Version) Have a blessed day in Christ Jesus.
  • African American Homeschoolers Network An organization established for families seeking educational resources. We provide information and resources on the following: assistance in finding home school support groups, cultural activities in your area, a quarterly newsletter, annual directory, conferences and workshops, networking events, youth activities, educational materials and vendor discounts. Membership is FREE!
  • Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association
    Afrocentric Homeschoolers Association is a nonprofit, mutual aid organisation for homeschooling families and individual teens everywhere in the world engaging in Afrocentric, Black-oriented, pro-Black, or Black-positive education. 
  • ArabesQ Homeschool Connection, the Internet source for Islamic and Arabic learning information
  • Catholic Homeschool Network of America (CHSNA) - The purpose of CHSNA is to act on behalf of Catholics who, in accord with the teachings of the Church, want to freely exercise their God-given rights as primary educators of their children at home.
  • Catholic Homeschool Support This site provides information for Catholic families considering homeschooling or new to homeschooling. There are links for Catholic curriculum providers, Catholic resources and most importantly, contact information for local Catholic support groups. This is a free site, published and maintained by a home schooling family.
  • Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists and Humanists Home Page
  • Jewish Home Educator's Network
  • JewishHomeSchoolersYahoo Group
  • Latter-day Family Home Educators, c/o John and Laurel Kennedy, PO Box 080853, Racine, WI 53408-0853. Email:
  • Latter Day Saint Home Educators Association. LDS-HEA, 2770 South 1000 West Perry, Utah 84302. (801) 723-5355. Email:
  • Latter Day Saint Homeschoolers. LDSLearn is an online support group for LDS homelearners. For more information, e-mail, or to subscribe, send a message to saying subscribe.
  • Muslim Homeschool Network and Resources
  • National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance
    Founded in 2003, the NAAHA is an organization dedicated to providing timely and comprehensive home school information to African-American home educators.
  • Native American Home School Association An organization to provide support for Native American homeschoolers.

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