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Why Homeschool?: Homeschool Family Concerns

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How can I afford to homeschool?


Education Freebies by Beverly S. Krueger
It's been said that you can homeschool for free or practically free. For a thorough look, read Homeschool Your Child for Free by Laura Maery Gold and Joan M. Zielinski. The title of their book offered me a challenge to see what I could find that was free on the Internet to use in our homeschooling.

Finding Used Curriculum by Beverly S. Krueger
Anyone who has been to a large curriculum fair will tell you, you may go planning to look at only a few things, but you will leave with a long list of things you’d like to buy if you had the money. What's a homeschool parent to do?

Homeschooling as a Money-Saving Choice by Rhonda Barfield
I won’t presume to say whether public, private or home school is best for your family. However, if financial considerations are an important aspect of your decision, you may want to consider homeschool. Here’s why.I won’t presume to say whether public, private or home school is best for your family. However, if financial considerations are an important aspect of your decision, you may want to consider homeschool. Here’s why.

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Homeschooling on a Budget
Most parents believe educating their children is an expensive proposition. According to The Homeschooling Book of Answers, public schools spend nearly $7,000 per pupil per year. What if I told you there were families providing an excellent education for their homeschooled child for $50 per year? And even for those of us who splurge on a few beautiful books occasionally, we can easily manage to keep our total expenses under $200 a year. Sound impossible?

What if I'm a single parent?

A Helping Hand Advice Column Questions

How does a single parent without any family or good social supports homeschool a child? I have to work full time.

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Single Christian Homeschool Parent Message Board

Veg Source Single Parent Homeschoolers Message Board

What If I work?

A Helping Hand Advice Column Questions

Hi. I've just begun homeschooling my 14 yr. old son, and the problem I need help with is how to homeschool and hold down a job at the same time. I'm determined to homeschool because public schools are detrimental to his happiness and to his learning, but I'm having a hard time giving the "teaching" my full attention after being at work all day. We've both decided that unschooling would be beneficial for him, or at least we're looking into it, but at the moment I feel that basically it's as if he's on an extended vacation. I have things for him to do, but it feels as if I'm not doing enough. I guess I need something more structured because the "unschooling" isn't working, but I don't want a regimented program, either, because so many of the things in a program like that don't interest him, and then the problems begin. The homeschooling network here is incredible, and I do know that I should utilize it, but my difficulty with that comes with working during the day. Any suggestions?

I would like for someone to come to my home and homeschool my child for me. How can I go about doing this?

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Work and Homeschool

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