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Why Homeschool?: Homeschool Socialization

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How do children learn to get along with others?


Compassion Unit Study by Beverly S. Krueger
If you have never used a character quality as a topic for a unit study, you may think doing so will cause you to neglect academics. Although science or social studies may not play as important a role in a character study unit, they can find a place. The goal of a character quality unit is not to impart new academic knowledge, but to learn more about God's ways and to search our lives and our family life for ways we can develop a particular character quality more fully. While working towards that goal all of the various academic skills, reading, writing, thinking, organizing, will be used.

Good Citizens by Beverly S. Krueger
Our goal as homeschoolers is to see that our children develop these four qualities of good citizenship. We want them to become law abiding, productive citizens who invest themselves in their community and its government.

The Real Reason by Maribeth Spangenberg
Why canít my children just learn to get along? Why do they have to argue? Why canít they always respect each otherís privacy? Why do these issues have to interfere with my homeschooling? Why canít my children just learn to get along? Why do they have to argue? Why canít they always respect each otherís privacy? Why do these issues have to interfere with my homeschooling?

A Helping Hand Advice Column Questions

Is there any information about homeschooling an only child? We have been homeschooling our daughter since the 3rd grade. She currently is in the 7th grade. I read extensively and subscribe to many homeschooling periodicals, but I've never seen this topic addressed. Thanks, Paulette

Online Resources

Homeschooling and the Redefinition of Citizenship
Homeschooling has grown considerably in many countries over the past two or three decades. To date, most research has focused either on comparisons between schooled and homeschooled children, or on finding out why parents choose to educate their children at home. There has been little consideration of the importance of homeschooling for the more general issue of citizenship, and whether people can be good citizens without going to school. This paper reviews the research on homeschooling, as well as the major objections to it, and frames these debates within the broader issues of citizenship and citizenship education.

National Home Education Research Institute Fact Sheets
Includes findings on homeschoolers social activity and emotional development.

How to Answer the Socialization Question Once and for All
I am beginning to tire of the many articles, essays and responses I keep running across on what has become to be known as the "socialization question."Homeschooling families, please listen carefully:  What people refer to as socialization is a non-issue!  It has become a buzz-word among the Official Homeschool Nay Sayers Society.  When someone asks you the question ("What about SOCIALIZATION!?"), I suggest you begin by asking them, "What do you mean by socialization?" 

What about diversity of experience?

Online Resources

Dispelling The Myths About Homeschooling
Christine Webb covers a variety of myths including the myths that homeschool students lack "real world" experience or opportunities for social interaction.

Preserving culture preserves diversity
 "Oh, I know home-schooling is great for the academic level," goes the comment, "but I just worry that the kids won't be exposed to other cultures and ethnicities." (Translation: Home-schooling will lead to chauvinism, racism and a return to the segregationism of the past.)

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