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A Helping Hand Advice Column Questions

I am registered as a private school in Louisiana. I homeschool my two daughters. My friend, who has a daughter the same age as my oldest, wants me to homeschool her daughter as well. Is this legal? I have a college degree but it is not in education. I don't mind taking on another but don't want to do anything that will get me into hot water. I know our public school system uses many teachers who are not certified or don't have the correct degree. I also know that that doesn't mean anything. I would appreciate it if you could answer this question for me. Thanks.

I'm a student and I want to learn more about home schooling. Is home schooling mostly about parents not liking for their kids to grow up with different customs ( religion) than theirs? I don't understand. I want to take home schooling because I feel that I would learn more at home, I could concentrate more without any interruptions. I know I can do the work, I just need to concentrate, but when I'm at school it's like a zoo. Am I thinking about taking home schooling for the wrong reason? In home schooling can you have tutors that come to your home, or are parents supposed to teach the material? Where could I get more information?

Iím convinced homeschooling is best, but I work part time and would have to share the teaching responsibilities with my mother. Could something like that work?

Is it possible for me to homeschool my grandchildren?

My grandchildren will not be returning to school this year; they'll homeschool. Can you suggest some ways I can help?

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