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NEW high school diplomas and Aug 2000-Jul 20001 calendar

Forms available on this page are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. In order to read these files you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The reader is free. You may download it at the Adobe site. Files are saved as .pdf files and can be read with Adobe software on both MAC and PC computers. To save files to your hard disk to read at a later time with Adobe Acrobat Reader use the right button on your mouse and select your browsers version of save.

Some files have also been included in MS Word format to use on your computer. You need not have MS word to use these, but they more format incorrectly in other word processors. These are PC files.
Weekly schedule or weekly schedule in MS Word format
Daily Schedule or daily schedule in MS Word format
Customized Weekly Planner
I’ve put together an electronic weekly curriculum planner which I use to generate a weekly checklist for my kids. The weekly curriculum planner can be used to lay out weekly goals for the whole year. Quarterly you can do a mail merge in MSWord and generate a Weekly Student Planner for the quarter you are working in. This series of templates also allows for plenty of lined sheets between each week for recording other activities. These planners can be used as grade books as well…thus reducing the home teachers workload of multiple student and teacher planners, attendance books and grade books. Each student now has one book for ALL purposes…you can even add chores as you customize your own worksheets. Andrew Bare
Just added an Excel Master Planner.
Reading List or reading list in MS Word format
Attendance Record Sheet (This file doesn’t look very good in Adobe Acrobat Reader, but it prints out fine.)
High School Diplomas
Version 1 has homeschool as one word.
Version 2 has home school as two words.
These files can be printed on a 300 dpi laser printer and look very nice on parchment paper. You will need to personalize them with the name of the graduate, date and parent’s signatures. This can be done by hand with a calligraphy pen. The files cannot be edited on computer.
Home & Family
Chore Chart
August 1999 – July 2000 Calendar Pages – This is one download for all pages.
August 2000 – July 2001 Calendar Pages
Bible Study
Search the Scriptures Form
Dot Paper-10 x 10 GeoboardPaper
Hundred Board
24 x 32 Graph Paper
Arizona Mathematical Software – free math software
Language Arts
Poetry Evaluation Chart — provided by Ann Stout
24 x 32 Graph Paper
Social Studies
Blank Time Line Sheet—use this sheet to create your own time line. By filling in the dates yourself, you can make as broad or as specific a timeline as you wish. There are 20 subdivisions on each sheet.
16th Century Paperdolls
Dover paperdolls
The Arts
Grid—10 x 10 for use in copying.

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